Sunita writes


Oh dear. I set this up a year ago and then promptly stopped blogging (again). Not here, not at the wordpress site, nowhere. It's part of not posting on social media but apparently also anywhere else.

And now, the AI promo/juggernaut/whatever throws another variable into the equation. I made the wordpress site private because the thought of being fodder for tech profiteers didn't sit well. And being online means something so different today than it did ten or even five years ago. So I don't know. I miss writing in a place where people might stumble on what I've written. This is a very small corner of the internet but it is not totally private, like 750words is (which I also restarted and then eventually gave up.

I said a year ago that I would use this blog for personal and professional writing. It still seems like a good idea. Let's see what happens.

Writing this from NorCal, getting ready to drive to STL. Let's hope the weather gods are smiling on us as we skate between the storms.